Lovepedal Eternity Burst

Lovepedal Eternity Burst

Project description

This is the Lovepedal Eternity Burst edition based on this schematic.

The 2 diodes are either 2 1N914 in series and 1 1N914 in the other direction, 2 pairs of 1N914's or 2 pairs of 1N914 and 1N34's in series. Your choice!

Bill of materials

R1: 1M
R2: 3.3K
R3: 20K
R4: 1K
R5: 1K
R6: 330R
R7: 330R
R8: 10K
R9: 10K
R10: 1M
R11: 500K Log (A)
R12: 5K Linear (B)
R13: 500K Linear (B)
C1: 47nF
C2: 100nF
C3: 47pF
C4: 150nF
C5: 220nF
C6: 10μF
C7: 47μF
C8: 47μF
IC1: LM1458N
D1: 1N914
D2: 1N914
5 jumper wires
11 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Hi. I've just finished two of these pedals, the one for me and the other for a friend of mine. Your project works and the pedal sounds VERY nice! Thank you so much for sharing. BTW: I used two pairs 1N914 diodes. This is a Tube Screamer with the attributes.



I built this one today. It was the third pedal I've built. No problems with it and it sounds great. Has an 808 sound but more open and imo it sounds better.

What diode configuration did

What diode configuration did you use?

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