News? No news?

It has been quiet around here, mainly because I created this site over a decade ago ;)

Register / Spam / Etc

I grew tired of deleting up to 100 spam comments per day, so I changed the way you leave your comments here.

We've moved!

I moved to another server today which might increase some speed. I also updated some modules, maybe that'll fix the spam runs a bit...

Comments and v2 progress...

Somehow I completely missed the spamrun that hit DIY-Layout the last month, apologies for that!

v2 progress

The new roadmap


Visitor count is almost reaching 2000 and you're visiting this site at a nice 80 visits per day. I guess this site has got to get some more attention and development!

The "old" roadmap

There's still lots of work to be done before the site can be launched in an open beta, but this is what I've planned so far, but I've also got plans to redesign the complete editor to be more flexible and maintainable. I've learned a lot creating it and I also ran into some real problems and usability issues... Hence the "old" prefix for this roadmap!


  • View layout, including bill of materials
  • Add a comment to a layout
  • Export for use in forums and other webpages (BB code/HTML)
  • Browse layouts per category

What's new?

Well, nothing much.

I've been really occupied with building effects, playing in 2 bands, work, girlfriend, holidays, family, etc. Or as I like to call it: "real life". I expect to pick up coding again as soon as I get some things sorted, finished and streamlined, but don't expect anything real in 2010!

Bye for now and hope to have something for y'all soon!

Almost forgot: I fixed the wrong title and links in the rendered images! (was about time)