Voltage doubler (9 to 18v)

Voltage doubler (9 to 18v)

Project description

The voltage doubler will double the input voltage to get 18 Volts out of 9 Volt input. Up to 24 volts can be reached using this device, just make sure C1 and C2 can handle that voltages!

Use a LTC1054 to get 50mA instead of the 10mA an ICL7660S can handle.

Bill of materials

C1: 10μF
C2: 10μF
IC1: ICL7660S
D1: 1N5817
D2: 1N5817
1 jumper wires
4 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Is there any other diodes that will work with this? I have a great surplus store near me and I can't find the 1N5817 diodes for this layout there. I am hoping to not have to make an online order for a few diodes. I buy all my other components at that shop.


It will also work with 1N400x

It will also work with 1N400x diodes, but you'll end up with less Volts with those...

Works like a charm

I just finished this one. Wrapped it in heat shrink and used it in a Ibanez Flanger.
I used the LT1054 IC.
In 9,39V DC out 18,00V with load.

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