The "old" roadmap

There's still lots of work to be done before the site can be launched in an open beta, but this is what I've planned so far, but I've also got plans to redesign the complete editor to be more flexible and maintainable. I've learned a lot creating it and I also ran into some real problems and usability issues... Hence the "old" prefix for this roadmap!


  • View layout, including bill of materials
  • Add a comment to a layout
  • Export for use in forums and other webpages (BB code/HTML)
  • Browse layouts per category
  • Search for layouts


  • Theming, design, colors, logo, etc...


  • Grant create & edit rights to a group of beta testers

Version 1.0:

  • Open the layout editor for all registered users!

Version 1.x:

  • Import DIY Creator v1.x files (.diy)
  • Export to DIY Creator v1.x files (.diy)
  • ...

Version 2.x:

  • Port to Drupal 7
  • PCB design mode(?)
  • Create modifications on existing layouts
  • ...