Green Russian Big Muff

Green Russian Big Muff

Project description

The famous Green Russian Big Muff based on the schematic at General Guitar Gadgets.

I've used this layout twice in combination with the Fet Blender for a really fat bass overdrive!


Lift the ground connection of C11/R18 to bypass the tonestack. This will add more volume and more mids.

Bill of materials

R1: 39K
R2: 100K
R3: 470K
R4: 390R
R5: 12K
R7: 1K
R8: 10K
R9: 100K
R10: 470K
R11: 12K
R12: 390R
R13: 10K
R14: 100K
R15: 470K
R16: 390R
R17: 12K
R18: 22K
R19: 20K
R21: 100K
R22: 470K
R23: 2K
R24: 10K
R26: 1.5M
R6: 100K Log (A)
R20: 100K Linear (B)
R25: 100K Log (A)
C1: 100nF
C2: 470pF
C3: 100nF
C4: 100nF
C5: 470pF
C6: 47nF
C7: 100nF
C8: 470pF
C9: 47nF
C10: 3.9nF
C11: 10nF
C12: 100nF
C13: 100nF
C15: 100pF
C14: 100μF
D1: 1N4148
D2: 1N4148
D3: 1N4148
D4: 1N4148
Q1: 2N5088
Q2: 2N5088
Q3: 2N5088
Q4: 2N5088
3 jumper wires
19 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Green Russian Big Muff

Can someone tell me how to hook up the Footswitch?
Thank You

Tall Font of Bubble Font?

Do you know if this is a "Tall Font" or "Bubble Font" version? 2nd or 3rd revision?

According to the schematics

According to the schematics on Kit Rae's site, this will be the Bubble Font because it uses 470pF capacitors. The Tall Font uses 500pF instead which makes it smoother.


This came right together and sounds as nasty as it should. Thanks for the layout!


That's what I thought but in the picture it almost look as if there's a cut there. Thanks for the help. I'll post my results.

Layout ?

Is there a trace cut under C14?


... wouldn't make sense too since C14 is placed vertically on the edge of the board.

green russian

but tell me, where is the fuzz ! don`t work...

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