Colorsound Overdriver

Colorsound Overdriver

Project description

I just finished building this and it rocks! Nice breakup to full fuzz, it has it all. The bass and treble knobs are really functional and there's a nive volume boost in it.


Built it, controls working in the right direction, sounds great.


Lots of schematics available, I used this one:


The collectors of Q2 and Q3 have to be biassed to approx. 5V. In my case, I replaced R5 with 2K and R12 with 2.6K (2.2K + 390R). I also used 2N2222A metal cans.


The gain pot is way more functional using a reverse log pot, the original has a linear pot. Without the rev log pot, the gain will be at the last 20% of the pot.

I also added an 1M pulldown resistor to prevent pops (R100), a low pass filter (R101/C4) to filter the power supply and a 100pF capacitor (C100) to filter radio frequencies. These can be omitted but I suggest you don't ;)

Bill of materials

R1: 120K
R2: 6.8K
R3: 150K
R4: 470R
R5: 1.8K
R6: 12K
R7: 4.7K
R8: 4.7K
R9: 470R
R10: 33K
R11: 150K
R12: 1.8K
R13: 39K
R14: 5.6K
R100: 1M
R101: 47R
R16: 10K Reverse log (C)
R17: 100K Linear (B)
R18: 100K Log (A)
R19: 100K Linear (B)
C1: 220nF
C3: 220pF
C7: 100nF
C9: 10nF
C10: 10nF
C12: 220nF
C13: 220nF
C100: 100pF
C2: 22μF
C4: 22μF
C5: 22μF
C6: 10μF
C8: 22μF
C11: 22μF
Q1: BC109
Q2: BC109
Q3: BC109
1 jumper wires
14 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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can i ask where is the on and off DPDT switch? heehhe. sorry sir, im a dumbAss..

Built it!

Works great!!! Thanks!

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