Baja Real Tube Driver (12v DC)

Baja Real Tube Driver (12v DC)

Project description

This is a self-verified layout of the famous Baja version of the BK Butler/Chandler Tube Drive. The original project runs on an 16v AC adapter so chances are that the original will sound better than my 12v DC version...

Why use 12v DC instead of 16v AC?

Well, simply because my power supply only supplies DC and I don't like to add another to my pedalboard ;) The LTC1054/ICL7660S inverts the 12v DC to minus 11-ish Volts DC. The original project uses a maximum of 14v DC and minus 15v DC.


The project is designed around the 12AX7 tube, but you can use every pin compatible tube to change the drive's characteristics and/or gain.

Voltage inverter

I used the same voltage inverter as this project. It's based on a reference design found in the datasheet of the LTC1054. Note: when using the ICL7660S you might need to omit the tracecut between pin 1 and 8 of IC2 to boost the frequency of the internal oscillator.

Bill of materials

R1: 1M
R2: 10K
R4: 1.2K
R5: 10K
R6: 10K
R7: 22K
R9: 10K
R10: 47K
R11: 47K
R12: 2.2K
R13: 500K Log (A)
R14: 10K Linear (B)
R15: 100K Log (A)
C1: 47pF
C2: 33nF
C3: 47nF
C6: 120pF
C7: 10nF
C8: 100nF
C9: 47nF
C51: 100μF
C52: 100μF
C53: 2.2μF
IC1: TL082
IC2: LTC1054/ICL7660S
6 jumper wires
16 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Pins 4,5,9 and center

What is to be done with those?

Pin 4 = +12v DC and pin 5 =

Pin 4 = +12v DC and pin 5 = GND, as depicted in the layout ;)

The center isn't used.


The layout specifies the opposite way round...

"This is a self-verified layout"

That's a "yes" ;)


Is this layout is verified to work?

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