Tonepad Rebote 2.5 Delay

Tonepad Rebote 2.5 Delay

Project description

Let's call this one "advanced". ;)

This is a verified layout of Tonepad's Rebote 2.5 delay. I built it using Greenies, but I strongly advise against them now! They are just too big for such a project... Use MKT's to get all the caps on such a small board. This will fit nicely in a B enclosure but just don't use greenies! You may want to use 100nF for the 82nF's.

Lower R18 to 10k or 11k to allow for self-oscillation. A 6.8k in series with a trimpot of 5k might be easier to find the correct value.

Bill of materials

R1: 1K
R2: 12K
R3: 12K
R4: 12K
R5: 24K
R6: 2.7K
R7: 24K
R8: 24K
R9: 100K
R10: 33K
R11: 47K
R12: 12K
R13: 12K
R14: 12K
R15: 1K
R16: 240K
R17: 510K
R18: 15K
R19: 12K
R20: 12K
R21: 510K
R22: 1M
R23: 25K Linear (B)
R24: 100K Linear (B)
R25: 50K Linear (B)
C1: 82nF
C2: 82nF
C4: 100nF
C5: 560pF
C6: 1nF
C7: 100nF
C8: 100nF
C10: 10nF
C11: 10nF
C12: 10nF
C14: 51pF
C17: 10nF
C18: 27nF
C20: 5pF
C21: 100nF
C24: 82nF
C3: 47μF
C9: 100μF
C13: 1μF
C15: 1μF
C16: 1μF
C19: 1μF
C22: 47μF
C23: 47μF
IC1: PT2399
IC2: TL072
Q1: 78L05
8 jumper wires
30 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Just Built this and all that

Just Built this and all that comes through is noise, adjusting the pots changes the pitch, volume. Any ideas what might have gone wrong? Or any advice on how I might trouble shoot it? Thanks


As always,

As always,
* Check the offboard wiring
* Scrape all track "gutters" clean with the tip of a knife. If your knife can get through easily, remove solder and redo that part.
* Measure(!) resistance between tracks for "invisible" jumpers
* Check component values

This is a verified build, so if you made your's properly it shoud function just fine!

There's also a hell of a lot

There's also a hell of a lot of heat coming from where the 9v joins the board, Plus my LED doesn't work so do you think it could be a problem with the 9v/board joint?

working fine, a little

working fine, a little distortion when you put the "delay" button between 80 and 100%
thank for your work !

perhaps you could wire a 220

perhaps you could wire a 220 and a 20 in series

Two questions: -C20: Would a

Two questions:

-C20: Would a 4.7 pF capacitor work, or does it have to be exactly 5 pF?

-R16: Would a 220K resistor work, or does it have to be exactly 240K?

Thanks in advance!

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