Voltage booster: up to 80 Volt!

Voltage booster: up to 80 Volt!

Project description

Use this voltage booster to get up to 80 Volts from a 12 Volt input!

Warning: make sure the elco's can handle the voltage, or they will die.

Bill of materials

C1: 10μF
C2: 10μF
C3: 10μF
C4: 10μF
C5: 10μF
C6: 10μF
C7: 10μF
C8: 10μF
C9: 10μF
C10: 10μF
C11: 10μF
C12: 10μF
IC1: MAX/LTC1044
D1: 1N5817
D2: 1N5817
D3: 1N5817
D4: 1N5817
D5: 1N5817
D6: 1N5817
D7: 1N5817
D8: 1N5817
D9: 1N5817
D10: 1N5817
D11: 1N5817
D12: 1N5817
2 jumper wires
14 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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