Xotic RC Booster

Xotic RC Booster

Project description

This is a layout of the famous Xotic RC Booster, based on one of the many schematics out there. I've built one myself and was quite impressed with it but I switched back to my old LPB-1 for sake of simplicity.

Bill of materials

R1: 1M
R2: 10K
R3: 1M
R4: 10K
R5: 22K
R6: 47K
R7: 4.7K
R8: 33K
R9: 10K
R10: 4.7K
R11: 470K
R12: 10K
R13: 470R
R14: 100K
R15: 22K
R16: 6.8K
R17: 15K
R18: 250K Linear (B)
R19: 50K Linear (B)
R20: 50K Linear (B)
R21: 100K Linear (B)
C1: 47nF
C2: 1μF
C3: 150pF
C4: 4.7nF
C5: 33nF
C6: 33nF
C7: 4.7nF
C8: 1μF
C9: 100nF
C10: 10μF
C11: 10μF
C12: 10μF
IC1: JRC4558D
D1: 1N4148
D2: 1N4148
D3: 1N4148
D4: 1N4148
D5: 1N4148
D6: 1N4148
Q1: 2N3904
Q2: 2N3904
6 jumper wires
22 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Foot Switch type?

Hi can you please confirm what type of foot switch is required a 3dpt or a dpdt?

Thank you.

Standard wiring

I always use a 3PDT like this: http://diy-layout.com/56

Thanks for your reply

Hi thanks for your reply, although if not using an LED why the need for a 3DPT, wouldn't a DDPT be sufficient?


The third row/switch of a 3PDT is used for switching the ground of a LED. A 2PDT or DPDT is enough for a true bypass without LED.

DPDT Switch?

Thanks for the brilliant website!!
Only 1 question... does this pedal need a DPDT Switch or is it a different type?

Thanks again.

Trace cuts

Hi I'm totally new and am starting to build my self one RC Booster as above because I need it. In the BOM page it says that there are 22 "trace cuts". Could anyone clarify where these cuts should be made? Thank you for your help. Dom.

Tracecuts are the red and

Tracecuts are the red and white squares on the stripboard. Cut the copper traces there by twisting a 3 or 4mm drill with your fingers.

It is probably working but it

It is probably working but it is not the original schematic. I have opened mine and there are 3 transistors not 2, 6+1+2=9 diodes not 6, the IC is a JRC4557 and the 2 same transistors are 2SC1815
Analog Yann

If you can find an updated

If you can find an updated schematic, I'll fix the layout for it!

I've build it myself, but

I've build it myself, but that report may be biased since I also made the layout ;)

News? :)

Hi! I want to build this pedal, is it working? How it should be biased?
Looking other schems, I've just seen 3 diodes, while you're using 6 of them... why? :)

Btw, does it works as the original unit (so it's a Really Clean boost)?


Biassing is not needed since

Biassing is not needed since there are no transistors on it ;) It has 6 diodes to keep the distortion down to a minimum. I believe the AC booster only has 3 diodes which increases clipping. The AC Booster is nearly identical to the RC booster.


Hi! Great pedal and great schematic... but is it 100% working? Thanks! :)

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