FET Mini-blender

FET Mini-blender

Project description

A nice and simple blending circuit to blend an effect with yout clean signal, based on this schematic by Sean MacLennan.

This design blends up to about 90% wet or dry and only works correctly if the signal's phase isn't inverted in the blended effect!

I've used it a couple of times for adding fuzz or distortion to a bassguitar without losing any low end.

Bill of materials

R1: 2.2M
R2: 2.2M
R3: 4.7K
R4: 50K Linear (B)
C1: 10nF
C2: 10μF
Q1: 2N5457
2 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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i used it with a foxx tone

i used it with a foxx tone machine but when connect the input and the input from the foxx it sound distorted.. when i disconnect teh input from the foxx tone machine it sounds clear ..

Me neither

I don't see where to put the switch and the LED, can you guys help me ?
LOTS of thanks !


Can I use a 2N5459 instead of a 2N5457 ?

That should be no problem.

That should be no problem. The FET is just buffering your signal, any N-Channel JFET with the same pin configurations should do.

I am no electronics genius

I am no electronics genius but I have just built this unit for my Pedal Steel Guitar and it is brilliant. I hadn't realised there was a strip board layout for it, otherwise I'd have had it done yesterday. Anyway after spending a lot of hours and money on other projects trying to get what I want,I now have it. Thanks to whoever designed and submitted it. GREAT. Dave.

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