Muffer (Jack Orman)

Muffer (Jack Orman)

Project description

This is a modified section of a Big Muff and can be used to boost as much as 30dB. If you just want a clean booster you may omit the 2 clipping diodes.

A full description can be found at

Bill of materials

R1: 100K
R2: 470K
R3: 10K
R4: 150R
R5: 100K Log (A)
C1: 1μF
C2: 1μF
C3: 10μF
D1: 1N914
D2: 1N914
Q1: 2N5088
3 trace cuts


Click here to see the bill-of-materials as a list or download it as a comma separated values file (.csv).


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Great stuff...

My 2nd build...and I love it. Fabulous gain and a great bit of grunt. Easy job as well. My first build was an ebay FF kit and I thought that was relatively easy but the Muffer was a breeze. Highly recommended build for a me.

I come back here time and time again and it feels that everytime I do I gain a little bit more knowledge.

Many many thanx

My second build

Just a quickie to say a big thanx for this web site.

Just completed the Muffer and it worked first time. I even wired in a stomp switch ('cos I had one laying about.

This was my 2nd build and it was pretty easy to complete, even for a newbie like me.

My next build....the flatline compresser. . . . .

Thanx again



C2 ??????????


Fixed! ;)

The blue wire was wired wrong. Thanks for spotting it!

Adding Millenium 1 bypass

Can anyone provide a layout showing the addition of the Millenium bypass 1 plus (DPDT)?
I've tried but it only works with the power jack (sounds awesome) and not the battery. Also, the LED won't turn off when I switch but Bypass works... How does the volume pot connect?

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